{wellness wednesday} mother nature and mother nurture

i have had a little one home with me all week.

i am so thankful to be able to easily make the choice to have them home with me when they are not feeling well. and, while i may not get the things done that i normally would do while they are at school, i don’t have to take a personal day or worry about getting a sub when they need to be home. what a blessing.i have been topically applying snifflease to her chest and thieves on her back. RC and raven have been in the diffuser. snuggles, christmas movies, snacks, and plenty of fluids all day long.

no toxins.

no chemicals.

just mother nature and mother nurture at our house.

essential oils are not going to keep our kids from staying home from school once in a while, but they will help support their bodies systems to get back above the wellness line.

if you are interested in finding out more about how to support your body and keep your family above the wellenss line, leave a comment or contact me!



{mindful monday} each moment


[mahyndfuh l]

  1. attentive, aware, or careful
  2. noting or relating to the psychological technique of mindfulness


  1. the quality or state of being mindful
  2. the practice of maintaining a nonjudgemental state of heightened or complete awarenesss of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis

through my yin yoga practice over the last few years i have truly learned mindfulness. in those minutes, in that hour, i can truly focus on my breath while thoughts come into and out of my mind without judgement of myself or others.

in those moments i feel whole, confident, and content.

when i miss those practices because i let other things get in the way i feel it in all aspects of my life.

however, i should not let missing those yoga classes affect my mindfulness practice…mindfulness can be practiced without yoga.

mindfulness can be practiced every day.

each moment.

as best you can.


{home is essential} give yourself the gift of wellness

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. i love to cook the meal, watch football, and  enjoy time with family and friends.

this year i am thankful, once again, for young living essential oils and what they do for our family. i am hoping that some of you will decide to give yourselves the gift of wellness this holiday season and want to say thank you to new members who sign up for a premium starter kit with me.

when you sign up to become a young living member with a premium starter kit between now and friday, november 17th at midnight (pacific time) i will send you a $25 amazon gift card that you can use to help give a gift to somebody on your holiday list!

start the season of giving by giving your family the gift of toxin free wellness.

what you’ll get from Young Living: 11 of the best quality, most versatile oils available, a diffuser of your choice, a bunch of extra samples, and a membership that gives you a 24% discount with no pressure attached (think Costco!)

what you’ll get from me: a reference book (because it’s so helpful to be able to learn how to use your oils and have a resource to look things up), the best education and oils community on facebook, oodles of classes if you are interested, a $25 Amazon Gift card, and ME…as your personal cheerleader, ready to teach you how to be successful in your wellness journey!

this deal will only be good until friday, november 17th at midnight (pacific time) so if you want to take advantage of it go here to give yourself the gift of toxin free wellness!


{home is essential} october sharing

this month i have a limited number of sample kits that i would love to share with those of you who are curious about how essential oils will fit into your life

if you are not currently using essential oils, but would like to give them a try i am offering you a chance…

please leave a comment below with your email if you are interested in getting a sample kit.

i look forward to helping you start your own journey to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

{home is essential} fa-la-la-la-la…

while i won’t be decorating around here until after thanksgiving, nothing is stopping me from putting christmas spirit in my diffusers!


with the scents of orange, cinnamon, and spruce it is just perfect for the holiday season.

christmas spirit “is a purifying blend of evergreen, citrus, and spice, reminiscent of winter holidays, that brings joy, peace, happiness, and security.” {Essential Oils Desk Reference}

orange is an uplifing fragrance that can boost immunity and induce relaxation. cinnamon is thought to unlock feelings of abundance, boost immunity, and has been used since biblical times. spruce has a balancing fragrance also with immune booting properties.

in addition to smelling wonderful, it also boosts immunity and increases feelings of abundance, relaxation, and balance. yes, please!

doesn’t it sound fabulous?!

well, the good news is that  for the month of november, when you become a member of young living by purchasing a premium starter kit you get a 5ml bottle of christmas spirit FREE!


are you ready to start your oily journey to health, purpose, and abundance?

i would be happy to help you!

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welcome to the world of essential oils…it’s awesome.

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{home is essential} hair spray for keeping yucky things away

moms talk.

lately, the rumor going around is that there is something hopping from head to head at school.

it’s not something that i want to deal with here at home and i am so happy that we have something right here at home to help with prevention!

home is essential

i just put 5-10 drops of each oil in a small (2-4 oz.) spray bottle and mix it with distilled water.

i spray it on the kids heads before they go to school.

i also spritz their jackets and backpacks everyday.

if you ask me, i would rather prevent this problem from coming into our house than treat this problem if it sneaks into my house.

the prevention is all natural.

the treatment is not.

To get started on your oily adventure to health, purpose and abundance:

  • go to the member sign up page
  • select wholesale member (not retail customer)
  • enter my member number in the sponsor and enrolled ID if it is not already there: 2365060
  • create your account, enter your personal information
  • select the premium starter kit

welcome to the world of essential oils…it’s awesome.

member 2365060

hello, {mid}october


cooler temperatures.

falling leaves.


fires in the fireplace.

october, you are one of my favorites.


we’re staying put for a while.

after a summer of travel, and a quick trip to colorado for a beautiful family wedding, we are ready to stay in oregon and enjoy our “new” home.


as i mentioned, we took a quick trip to colorado. my cousin got married in vail, and it was just perfect!


























it just seems that in the fall my use of oils increases. not only to keep everybody healthy, but i use them in our diffusers instead of scented candles! did you know that the scents and waxes) used in the scented candles that we love to burn this time of year are releasing toxins into your home?! why not diffuse instead? here are some awesome diffuser blends to try out…


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