{october 21} happy corners of our home

these letters and this print have found themselves in many happy corners of our home throughout the last few years.

now they reside in the playroom next to a thrifted light from our 2014 trip to kamiah.

dogs and words have a prominent place in all happy corners of our home.
october 21

{october 20} happy corners of our home

large letters spelling out a favorite word cam e into PLAY in our playroom years ago.

they have moved down the wall, but are still there…with rainbowtized books and baskets full of toys…along with our PS4.october 20

  • lights: IKEA {discontinued}
  • shelves: IKEA {discontinued}
  • letters: joann fabric {painted them black}
  • xylophones and tennis ball basket: thrifted
  • books: thrifted
  • chair and fisher price toys: thrifted

{october 14} happy corners of our home

my globe collection.

it has to be one of my very happiest corners of our home.

i recently moved this barn owl primitives sign from a different corner of our home to this spot near the craft table.

i think this is the perfect spot for it!

october 14

  • globes: etsy, goodwill, value village, garage sales
  • shelving: IKEA {no longer available}
  • creativity takes courage sign: barn owl primitives
  • pumpkin garland: DIY found honest to nod

{october 13} happy corners of our home

our playroom used to be filled with vintage fisher price.

while i loved that version of our playroom, we quickly grew out of it. it was fun while it lasted.

i still have most of what i collected during that time period, and have it scattered throughout the house.

the kids still play with it once in a while, and it is always a hit when younger kids come to our home, so i keep a bucket filled with the smaller pieces and the kids pull the larger pieces off of shelves when they want to play with them.
october 19

{october 11} happy corners of our home

the kids’ bathroom needs some major work…that we will get to eventually.

for now, i make it happy with bright DIY vintage artwork.

i bought inexpensive colored frames at ikea and target and put in sight word cards, and a vintage map puzzle.

i backed them with scrapbook paper!

i also like to use towel hooks instead of towel racks. it’s easier for the kids to hang their towels up!
october 11