{at the craft table} gobble, gobble

I always love a good craft.

Even better if it is quick and easy.

Our craft table always has something going on…either for me, the kids, or both of us.

I’m not even sure how it happened, but Lorelai and I were sitting at the craft table. I was working on cutting vests out of paper bags for her class Thanksgiving feast, and she said that she wanted to do a craft.

I looked over to our craft cart, which I regularly change out with craft supplies for the kids or myself.

I grabbed…

  • crayons
  • pad of scrapbook paperĀ (I buy them on sale or with a Michael’s coupon)
  • glue stick
  • paper cutterĀ and/or scissors

I had Lorelai choose a few different patterns of paper that I cut into strips.

I then cut some of the strips into little pieces.

Now, neither the strips or the little pieces need to be perfect…this is supposed to be quick and easy.

gobble, gobble 6

Then, I told Lorelai to hold tight while I made an example for her to follow.

Here is what I came up with…

gobble, gobble 1

I traced my hand, closed up the bottom, and added legs.

Then, I drew the beak and waddle.

You know the drill.

Then I just put a little glue on the strips and pieces of paper and started to glue them to the tail and body of the turkey.

I was done in less than two minutes.

Lorelai LOVED it!

gobble, gobble 3

gobble, gobble 2

gobble, gobble 4

gobble, gobble 5

This was something she could easily do BY HERSELF.

gobble, gobble 7

Reece even made a few, but had more fun drawing pictures of him shooting the turkey, or taking pictures of the turkey, etc.

Either way, the kids were being CREATIVE!

I put the scraps in a bowl on the table with some glue sticks nearby.

This way, if they want a craft to do they can make another turkey, or two.

home is…creating with my kids.

my adventures with poultry…and other fall fun

Fall welcomed us back to the Pacific Northwest this past weekend.

The first rain in 81 days came the morning after we got home and the weekend stayed grey and cool.

Perfect weather to head out for some fall adventures. I’ll warn you now, there are quite a few photos…all taken with my iPhone (I was tired of lugging my dslr around after Maui).

We ventured out to the Oregon Heritage Farm for the Applefest.

Applefest raises money for a local high school ski team and has gotten bigger each year we have attended.

Hayrides, pumpkins, hay mazes…

and, apple chucking!

We were leaving as the band started playing. The singer sounded just like Johnny Cash.

We got in the car to head home and decided to make another stop on the way.

Baggensto’s Farm…they grow christmas trees, pumpkins, and potatoes! If you want awesome french fries, go here!!

We came home and Ryan decided to light a fire out back…

and, I baked an apple pie.

Ryan also took most of the plants out of our front garden on Saturday, but our dahlias are still blooming.

As if those adventures weren’t enough, Reece and I went to another local pumpkin patch with his kindergarten class this morning.

Goatel 6. We’ll keep the light on for ewe. Get it?!

I want this sign for our house.

Speaking of chickens, I’ve had quite a run in with poultry the last two days.

First, this guy walked right up to my iPhone like he wanted to pose for these photos.

He must have liked the last time I took his photo.

This morning, on the field trip, we got to see the new turkeys.

I knelt down to take a photo…

and she lunged at me!

I threw my phone because her “nibble” on my finger startled me.

It was actually quite funny.

So, the rain has me wearing my Hunters. This month I am specifically wearing my pink for Breast Cancer awareness. My mom found a lump 9 years ago this month. She is a a survivor. I am so happy she is a fighter and had the resources and care to beat this disease!

home is…feeling a bit like fall.