summer 2015: 3/89

it got cold last night. baby girl came in to snuggle early this morning. 5:30 am…the dogs were awake and needed to go out.  i definitely needed my patagonia. we saw a deer.

6:30 am…everybody was awake. coffee provided in the cabin was terrible, so i drove over to brewed awakenings for some real coffee while ryan got ready to head to his conference.

7:30 am…breakfast with the kiddos. trying to figure out our plan for the morning while ryan was working. thinking we will head out towards the marina and stables to see what’s going on while we wait until 10:00 am when most other activities open.

8:00 am…we explored around the marina and stables, got the dogs out for a bit of a walk, and drove back to the cabin. IMG_1467 back at the cabin we went for a bike ride/walk. i walked odyssey while the kids rode their bikes. it was short, but it was my favorite part of the trip. odyssey was happy, the kids were happy, it was quiet.

10:00 am…the cove. this is the new lodge pool at sunriver resort {only for resort guests}. we had the whole place to ourselves for a couple of hours. IMG_1470 ryan joined us after he finished his work for a bit and then we went back to the cabin. IMG_1483 IMG_1481 i took the kids to the village to get some rafts for the private pool by our cabin. we ended up coming home with more than that, but i always thought it was such a treat to get something from the toy store when we visited vail when we were young! i loved to be able to do the same for my kids! IMG_1488-001 IMG_1491 after that,  we went to the small pool near our cabin for a bit and then went back over to the cove.

we ended the evening with dinner at the village with another family {ryan and the other dad work together on occasion}. we were out late, and the kids were sunburned, so we had to get to bed!

summer 2015: 2/89

5:20 am…no sleeping in today. baby girl was to excited about our planned adventure. i convinced her to snuggle with me until 6:20.

shortly after, the little guy came running downstairs.

they have had their hot chocolate.

i need coffee.

9:00 am…on the road.


two bikes, two dogs, two kids, and all our gear for the weekend.

after gassing up, getting cash, and stopping for starbucks we were on the highway by 9:45 am


12:30 pm…we made it to sisters.

stopped to let the dogs go potty.

stopped to look at an antique shop.


1:00 pm…trader joes in bend.

2:00 pm… made it to sunriver.



fort rock park.

enough to do for the two hours we had to spend before check-in time.

5:00…kids are in the hot tub.

i am typing our day up while sipping a beer.

summer break feels official, now.

i am glad i decided to uncancel this trip.

ryan has a conference down here, so we are piggy backing on his lodging for the weekend.

he was in palm springs for a meeting all week, flew in to portland today, and is driving down here as we speak. he’s the one who needs a vacation!


5:06 pm…i found this…

sunriver | ranch cabins

so we walked across the street {the kids pointed the pool out when we drove in) and had the whole place to ourselves.

sunriver | ranch cabins 1

sunriver | ranch cabins 4

sunriver | ranch cabins 2

sunriver | ranch cabins 3not bad. not bad, at all!