{summer list} some things are easier to cross off than others

We’ve been checking items off our summer list.


Splash park

Watch fireworks

We had some friends over on the 4th of July. We ate, drank, played, set off fireworks, and walked to the local fireworks show down the street.

And, today…

Potty training

We didn’t check it off, but we inadvertently started. Lorelai wants to wear undies. So, after she got out of bed this morning we put undies on. Shortly after breakfast, I decided that we needed to get out of the house while Ryan worked from home. My plan was to go to Goodwill and see where else the morning took us.

I asked Reece use the bathroom and gave Lorelai the choice to put on a diaper or try to pee on the potty. She refused the diaper, so I told her she would need to go pee on the potty before she could put her undies back on.

We sat in the bathroom for over 3 hours.

Fruit snacks.








Finally, I gave in.

I was tired of sitting in the bathroom and she wanted to get off the potty. It’s been four hours…and, really, 6 hours since she got up and had her diaper changed.

She told me she will let me know when she needs to go.

I even offered her a diaper and she does NOT want to put one on.

We’ve moved outside, and she still hasn’t gone pee…

until just a second ago (at 3:15 pm) when she was standing on the deck and said, “I’m going pee!”

Six hours later.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this.

home is…working on our summer list (some items are easier to cross off than others).

baby girl said

We have transitioned baby girl to a big bed this week.

And, she is not taking naps…which is a good thing because she is very tired by her 7:00 bedtime.

This evening, while changing her diaper (potty training is next) I said, “Are you sleepy?”

She replied, “I not sleepy. I La-La.”

I replied, through my laughter, “You are cute.”

To which she replied, “No. I La-La!”


I also have to add that later today she also said, “Mommy, I not sassy.”

“Oh, you’re not sassy?” I asked.

“No. I La-La.”

*photos were taken last month at home and at friday playgroup