pfamily photo session with pfaus photography

Last month Jenn from Pfaus Photography took some photos of our family out at our favorite pumpkin patch.

family photo 3

family photo 6

Aren’t my boys handsome?!

family photo 2

family photo 4

The kids got muddy, but that’s real life.

family photo 5

family photo 1

These are just a few of the images we chose…they rest will be used for Christmas cards, so you’ll just have to wait to see them.

Thanks, Jenn for another pfabulous mini session!

home is…family photos in the fall.

early spring in the pacific northwest

I love it here in the Pacific Northwest.

Sure, winters are wet and grey, but it makes spring that much more welcome once it gets here.

It’s here. For now.

{at least it was on Wednesday when I wrote this post}

I know we will still have our share of rain until June, but I don’t have to be worried about late April (or even May) snow like in Colorado. And, I am not celebrating the first week of spring with a snowstorm like our family in New York.

I saw my first hummingbird as I was washing dishes and looking out my kitchen window Wednesday night. When we return from our trip to Colorado I will put our hummingbird feeders out so we can watch them until October!

We’ve played in the mud when the rain takes a break.

Remembered some of our rain soaked and neglected toys.

Played leapfrog…

…and “dogboy”.

Taken our first spring swings.

Enjoyed the early blooms.

Watched the clouds pass above the trees.

And, put our feet up in the sun.

By the time I am finished writing this post the rain will be falling again. {and, it is}

home is…soaking up the sun.