just writing

Getting into the right routine with two in two different schools has taken a couple of weeks…that’s why I haven’t been writing.

I really missing them being home.

Especially the little guy.

I get time with baby girl a few days a week.

I’m torn.

I have free time that I was desperately wishing for, but I find myself wondering what to do with it.

I have cabinets that I need to finish painting.

I have doctors appointments, haircuts, and brow waxes that I should get scheduled.

I have crafts I want to do.

I have exercise I want to add to my routine.

I have Nordstrom Notes screaming at me to spend them.

Instead of doing any of these things, I think…

  • if i craft and do something fun, then i am not getting work done
  • if i paint cabinets and clean then i am not spending time on myself
  • if i go to the appointments it just spends money and time that i really don’t want to spend
  • if i go exercise then i am not doing anything that really needs to get done

Really, my main concern is that I will not be doing the “right” things with my free time…whatever the “right” things are.

If the house isn’t perfectly clean (which it is not) did I fail at cleaning?

If the laundry isn’t done will somebody get upset that their favorite “ballerine” or shorts are not clean?

If I don’t spend time doing things that will make me happy (crafting, exercising, blogging, taking photos) will I just be frustrated that I don’t have enough free time?

I just count the minutes until I get to go pick up my kids.

And, then there is not enough time in the day to spend with them.

And, by the time we get them to bed, I am exhausted and ready to go the bed to start all over the next day.

The answer is just do SOMETHING!


But I get wracked with guilt that my choices will displease somebody.

I’m just writing…so, I’d better go do something.

home is…counting the minutes.

{2012} completed

Yesterday I tried a new yoga class at our health club.

It was tough.

It was relaxing.

It was thoughtful.

My muscles are sore today, but more than that, I came away with a clear mind.

The instructor talked about COMPLETION.



  1. The action or process of finishing something.
  2. The state of being finished.

She talked about looking back on everything that happened in 2012…good, bad, or indifferent…and consider it completed.

Shake hands with it, give it a high five, a hug, or whatever you need to do…and move forward.

I usually say, “Let it go,” but I really like this idea of COMPLETION.

We cannot change the past…it is completed.

Good, bad, or indifferent.

We CAN focus on NOW and look forward to the future.

I’m looking back at 2012 with COMPLETION.

Moving forward with ANTICIPATION.

Enjoying the NOW.

Happy 2013 to all of my friends, family, and those of you who are neither, but choose to read this blog because it offers some inspiration to you.

I hope to be more INSPIRING in 2013.

home is…2012 almost completed.