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Thank you, thank you, thank you…

to Kelle and Meg for mentioning me on your blogs this week!

You all probably already know who they are, but you can visit their blogs below…

And, THANK YOU to all of you who are new visitors to my blog this week because of them.

I hope you will come back for more!

First, Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things included one of my Instagram photos on her Friday Photo Dump.

My photo is the the middle one in the top row. She also had some great ideas for road trips…which I will use when we go on a road trip later this summer.

Second, yesterday Meg from whatever shared a photo of one of the globe lamps from colton + cadence that I sent to her for her Craft House!

See that?! She said my blog is adorable.

Anyway, these two women are inspirational to me, so it was an honor to be mentioned on both of their blogs this week. They both seem to enjoy life to the fullest and share that with others.

They spread happiness, love, and creativity, which is what I strive to do, too.

On Friday, I will have our summer list on the blog…inspired by Meg!

By the way…

I will be listing more globes lamps at colton+cadence soon…with pom-pom trim and decoupaged undersides…like what I sent Meg and what my giveaway winner won last month!

home is…fun stuff.

life is good, but random today…

So, I’ve got some random today.

First, I hope to have the {colton} and {cadence} dolls made before the giveaway is over.

I know it would be nice to SEE what you might get, but I kind of like the element of surprise, too.

You can get and idea of what they *may* look like here.

Maybe it will just be the fabrics…

Second, I am so inspired by Meg.

I never wrote about her first craft weekend, but I know I emailed the link to a few friends and family. I am now on her waiting list.

She hosted her second craft weekend last weekend.

Source: megduerksen.typepad.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

More than anything, I would love to “host” a craft weekend of my own! Who wants to come out to the Oregon Coast and stay at a fabulous home on Bella Beach?


Let me know if you are interested…maybe we can make something happen!

Third, I’ve been making these for days.

Source: jonesdesigncompany.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

Not sure what to do with them…decoration…Valentines gifts for preschool teachers…giveaway?!

Fourth, please check out another favorite blogger and what she has to say about raising a child with Down’s Syndrome.

I could not get the video to embed correctly, so please click on the link or visit her Facebook page or website.

I just think that what she has to say is really, really important.

And, lastly, life is good.

Source: toresolveproject.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

home is…changing something if you need to.