think of all the money i am saving


Although, all things considered, I used to make 2-3 trips to Target a week.

I haven’t been to Target in weeks.

But, I have been to Value Village and Goodwill multiple times in the last few weeks,

Some days I spend some money.

And, believe it or not, there are some days when I walk out with nothing.

But, I never spend as much as I do at Target.

Think if all the money I am saving!

Actually, I have found a few great “junior” games for the kids…Scrabble, Boggle, Monopoly…all for under $3 each.

I also found an air hockey game for the ¬†little guy…and we can set it up on any table.

And, I found a children’s guitar. My mom visits next week and it needs it strings switched out, etc. but the little guy LOVES it!

I have some more thrifting finds to share.

I have also been crafting and decorating around our house.

What do you like to look for when you go thrifting?

home is…saving money.