We celebrated Reece’s birthday with friends on Saturday. It was a long awaited, talked about, and planned for party. We had a 1st birthday party for Reece in 2008, but since then we have not had a party for him.

This year, he wanted to have a party…

and, it was super.

As friends entered the house they were greeted by this…

I made the capes, they just added the decorations.

After the kids decorated their capes, the rest of the party was outside.

The tattoos were a hit.

It was so fun to see our yard decorated for the party and full of friends.

After some play and snacking it was time for the superheroes to save the day!

I love the look on Reece’s face as he’s watching the piñata be destroyed!

Everybody is ready to run for the loot…

The piñata was filled with superhero stickers, pencils, erasers, and fruit snacks.

The kids played for a little bit after the piñata.

One of the favorite places was the Batcave.

I threw some glow sticks under there for the kids to find. The girls took it over as their hideout…

Aren’t they all so pretty?

Cake was next on the agenda…

I have to admit, I did not cook a thing for this party. I bought the cake and put some of Reece’s superhero action figures on top.

Snacks were pretzels, popcorn, snack mix, and cheese puffs in buckets with paper bags for the kids to fill.

Drink choices were gatorade or water…and beer for the adults.

Finally, on to the gifts. The party was small enough that we could open the gifts during the party…and it was another “activity” for everybody to participate in.

Ryan was “warned” about the swarming that happens once gift opening begins…this is his reaction and description of actually seeing it happen!

Ryan was in charge of activities so I could take photos. He did an awesome job of keeping things under control.

Again, LOVED seeing friends filling our yard.

It was a super party.

Thank you to all the “Super Friends” who helped to make the day special!

I’ll be posting some of the details about the capes, bunting, invitations, piñata, and other homemade decorations in the coming days.

home is…a super celebration for our five year old!

super party prep

We have a 5th birthday party coming up.

So, I’m in SUPER party prep mode.

It’s kind of overwhelming…

I want to make sure he has fun with his friends.

I want it to be AMAZING.

I’m afraid I won’t do it JUSTICE.

I want it to be the WORLDS GREATEST.

And, in the end, a little bunting, some games, a piñata, and friends should be enough.

home is…reminding myself what’s important.

working on it

So, I said it in my about page…I’m a procrastinator.

Yep, still don’t have our summer list done.

Actually, the list is done, but the display is not…and I’ve got to have it all ready for a blog post, right?

We have already crossed two items off the list…

5th annual playgroup birthday celebration

The first year (when all of our oldest turned one), it was 30 adults and 15 kids.

This year we had 26 adults and 26 kids (with one more due this month)!

One of the families lives on 5 awesome acres near wine country, apple orchards, and berry farms.

They graciously hosted the crew and it was fabulous!

Lala found this jumprope…

…and wouldn’t let it go.

And, we lucked out with June weather here in the Pacific Northwest…sunny and in the 70’s!

Bobo had a great time playing with some of his buddies and ran all over the place until he got blisters from his Batman Crocs!

It’s always fun to get the dad’s together with all of the kids.

The dad’s play with the kids, and , after 5 years, I think they know everybody’s name!

They all looked relaxed.

She finally played with the other kids after following me around for almost 2 hours.

Isn’t this outhouse awesome?!

We did it all potluck…the kids love the homemade cupcakes!

We sang Happy Birthday.

The kids shared their cupcakes with me.

This hammock was a hit with all the kids…Lala even wanted me to change her diaper on it!

I gave it a try and decided we need to get one for our backyard!


Today we “officially” went to the pool.

Bobo had gone in a couple of times before his swim lessons, but today we packed a lunch, brought our beach towels, and all had our swimsuits on!

The kids has a blast!

So did I!

Actually, I didn’t sit around.

I got in the pool, went down the water slide multiple times, and left feeling like I had been on a mini vacation.

Sometimes, the easiest way to take care of kids is to act like one yourself!


I made a fun graduation gift inspired by the theme of the graduation party we went to over the weekend.

I’m thinking about making more to put in the shop…so check it out later this week!

home is…working on our summer list.