hello, {mid}october


cooler temperatures.

falling leaves.


fires in the fireplace.

october, you are one of my favorites.


we’re staying put for a while.

after a summer of travel, and a quick trip to colorado for a beautiful family wedding, we are ready to stay in oregon and enjoy our “new” home.


as i mentioned, we took a quick trip to colorado. my cousin got married in vail, and it was just perfect!


























it just seems that in the fall my use of oils increases. not only to keep everybody healthy, but i use them in our diffusers instead of scented candles! did you know that the scents and waxes) used in the scented candles that we love to burn this time of year are releasing toxins into your home?! why not diffuse instead? here are some awesome diffuser blends to try out…


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{home is essential} back to school


we are challenged at the end of summer with getting into a regular bedtime routine with school just around the corner.

while the days are still long and we want to squeeze every last drop out of each one, we also need to start going to bed earlier.

how about some sweet dream pillow spray?


this past weekend, lorelai and i made some sweet dreams cream.

i purchase organic shea butter and almond oil online. i buy my coconut oil from trader joes.

we rub this on the bottoms of the kids feet or on their backs as they settle down for rest.

To get started on your oily adventure:

  • go to the member sign up page
  • select wholesale member (not retail customer)
  • enter my member number in the sponsor and enrolled ID if it is not already there: 2365060
  • create your account, enter your personal information
  • select your starter kit (the premium starter kit is the best option)

welcome to the world of essential oils…it’s awesome.

YL_ID_2014_logo_fullcolor with member number

hello there, august

reading…while we were in colorado for a month i read the miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children series. they were so good. i’ve always been a fan of young adult literature and this series did not disappoint. what has me even more excited is that the first book is coming out as a movie (directed by tim burton, my favorite) at the end of september.

playing…did lots of playing in july!










watching…the olympics. and, gilmore girls. always gilmore girls.

trying…to keep things in perspective.

cooking…meals. seriously, i didn’t cook from june 24th through august 1st! while we were in colorado my parents pretty much took care of every meal. EVERY. MEAL. it was amazing. it’s taking a lot to get used to cooking for our family again.

eating…the breakfast that my loved ones made for me. ryan bought me a scone before he left for work, and lorelai made me a smoothie and a fruit plate.

drinking…coffee. and water.

calling…i am not a phone person. i dread making phone calls, unless it’s to my mom and dad.

texting…my sister. she is 40 today!!

pinning…party ideas. now that our remodel is almost finished, i would love to be able to entertain.

tweeting…birds tweet. i don’t.

crafting…we made lots of love rocks this summer and spread them all over the US. we were in ten different states during our summer travels, so we love rocked all of them!












doing…what needs to be done to get this house put back together! whew. its lots of work, but it will be worth it!

going…nowhere. after being away from home for five weeks (colorado for 4 and new york for 1) we are staying put for the rest of the summer!

loving…yoga. i have always loved it, but i am getting to a place in my practice where i can really lose myself in just breath and feeling my body release tension. it’s a good thing.

hating…the mess in our home. it’s been a long time of feeling unsettled, and i am ready for everything to be put away in it’s place.

discovering…that i really don’t want to put everything back where it was in our home. i purged a lot before the remodel, but i am also purging a lot as i unpack boxes. i am hoping to have a vintage sale in the next month or so with some of the items that we will no longer be using…if you are local, stay tuned to find out when!

enjoying…reading. right now i am finishing up some books that i started earlier in the year.

hoping…to get my bags unpacked from our trip! seriously, we got back over a week ago, but I still haven’t finished unpacking my bag.

celebrating…well, i will save the celebrating for later this week when the POD gets picked up and our kitchen is finished!!

smelling…new paint. we had every wall and ceiling surface in our home painted. we also had new moudling, trim, and doors installed…they also have new paint. it’s like a whole new house!

thanking…my parents for their hospitality during the our month long stay in colorado. i felt so safe, loved and supported at their home. i was dealing with a pretty stressful situation during the stay, and knowing that my kids were taken care of and that i could take a break when i needed to {without feeling guilty} really meant a lot to me.


considering…as i mentioned before, i am thinking about having a sale here at the house…mainly vintage items that we will no longer be using here in our home…globes, school desks, school chairs, quilts, afghans, vintage fisher price, scales, thermos’, maps, chalkboards.

finishing…there’s lots left “unfinished” around here right now. just taking everything one step at a time. first, i will finish this blog post!

starting…to think about the start of the new school year. i really want to enjoy these last few weeks of summer, but the beginning of the school year, and the fall season, is really one of my favorite times of the year!

home is…finishing something.

let go…


When the beginning of 2016 came around, I had a plan for the year.

I reworked a website, made lists, sent e-mails, and thought I had it all under control.

February came around and I fell apart.

Comparison stole my joy.

I saw others who were doing what I wanted to do and wondered why I couldn’t just make it happen.

I beat myself up.

I cried.

I stayed in bed.

I felt sorry for myself.

Then I saw signs…literally. One of my favorite artists is a sign maker. I have her signs all over my house. She posted a new one that was simple “Look for Signs”. Shortly after that, she posted one that read, “Be still and know”.

That’s when I knew. I had to let go and let God.

I had heard these words before. Heck, I had said these words before, but I hadn’t really put them into practice. I hadn’t put the “let God” part into practice. This time, He wouldn’t let me skip the “let God” part. You see, this is His plan, not mine. I was trying to control His plan. When I let go and gave Him control it was freeing.

Yes, MY plans are not taking shape the way I planned, but I believe that He has bigger plans for me.

I call myself a perpetual student of life.

If I could just got to classes and learn new things for the rest of my life I would be happy.

I love to learn new things.

In March, I decided that I was going to learn something new.

I decided that I was going to read the Bible.

At first, I thought I would follow a one year reading plan.  I started in Genesis. I read through it in a day taking notes, highlighting, and trying to figure out the ancestry. Wow, people lived for a LONG time when God first made the earth.

Within a couple of days, the whole catching up to March in the one year plan felt daunting.

However, an instagram friend mentioned she was following a study of the Proverbs 31 Woman by Gretchen Saffles of Life Lived Beautifully on periscope. I purchased the study and followed along. This was perfect for my introvert heart. I felt like part of a community, but I didn’t have to interact face to face. You see, I love being in a classroom. I sit right in the front row, take great notes, and soak it all in, but I’ve never been great at class participation, group projects, or even socializing after class.

I followed and participated in that study for the next four weeks. I learned to give myself quiet time learning that part of the bible each day.

I let go of the plans I had made for myself and let God lead me to Him.

I’ve spent more time reading in the last few weeks than I have in years. In fact, just yesterday I started Big Magic in the afternoon and finished it late last night.

I’ve also read The Best Yes and Love Does. In reading both of those I took notes and highlighted like I was studying for a test.

I’ve continued reading the bible with additional bible studies I have purchased through Life Lived Beautifully.

I’m not sure what God has in store for me, but I’m willing to listen.

“…it seems that what God does most of the time when He has something to say is this…He doesn’t pass us messages, instead He passes us each other.”

– Bob Goff, Love Does


{twenty sixteen} first ramblings

10 years ago  i woke up…

in a new house…

in a city i had only visited once before…

only knowing a handful of people…well really, fewer than you can count on one hand.

this morning i woke up…

in our home of almost 8 years…

in a city that feels like home…

with my children snuggled up under blankets…

and, my husband on a conference call in his home office.

twenty sixteen.

already giving us surprises…welcome ones.

today,  the kids were supposed to be headed back to school, but they are not.

we are enjoying a slow morning.

a dusting of snow, freezing temperatures, and then freezing rain on top of that has shut down our city.

as much as i am ready to get back into a routine, get the house clean, and figure out what i am going to do with this brand new year, i am thankful to have one more slow day to spend with our family.

home is…new year surprises.

{october 14} happy corners of our home

my globe collection.

it has to be one of my very happiest corners of our home.

i recently moved this barn owl primitives sign from a different corner of our home to this spot near the craft table.

i think this is the perfect spot for it!

october 14

  • globes: etsy, goodwill, value village, garage sales
  • shelving: IKEA {no longer available}
  • creativity takes courage sign: barn owl primitives
  • pumpkin garland: DIY found honest to nod

still on summer vacation

initially, i thought i would blog every day this summer.

i started out writing about our days…drinking coffee, exercising, and checking things off our summer list.

then vacations started.

i had grand plans of documenting each day of our family vacations in july.

i did ok, but there were just too many photos and not enough time in the day.

now it’s been 3 weeks since my last blog post.

august was the slow month of summer for us.

a month to be home and just relax after being away from home 21+ days in july!

it’s now just a blur…the kids had way too much screen/electronic time, we didn’t get much checked off the summer list, but we did relax.

i’m not going to feel guilty about the screen time. summer is for relaxing. screen time is a part of kids lives in this day and age.

that’s all i am going to say about it.

while almost all of the other kids in portland are heading back to school today, our kids have one more week of summer break left.

we like to end the summer on a vacation with just our family.

we went to the oregon coast over the  weekend. ryan and i both love this vacation the most. while being with extended family is a lot of fun, being with our family in a spot where all the to do lists can be put away is so important and fulfilling.

r & l 2

lola 3

bobo 1

bobo 2

bobo 3

lola 1

lola 2

r & l 1

family photo 1

family photo 2

we played in the waves, rode bikes, walked along the beach, drove along the coast {from tillamook down to florence}, went out to eat, explored, watched movies, sat in the hot tub, built sand castles, played board games, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a family.

summer 2015: 34/89

yoga, two miles on the treadmill, and a nap.

that’s about all i could handle today.

our trip to new york was so full.

it really was relaxing….seriously, my kids always had someone to play with, they rarely argued, i got some quiet time, and ryan and i actually got to do some things on our own!

there are a bunch of local burger places in rochester.

don and bobs.


bill grays.

vic and somebody…

at any rate, we took the kids to don and bob’s after we visited grandma taddeo. it’s on burger row near sea breeze. the atmosphere is old time…counter with old stools, only a few booths, cashiers yelling out orders to the cooks.

ryan had started ranking the burger places on what he could remember…we eat at one each time we visit, but sometimes it is years between visits.

the next day, we went to seabreeze and walked down to bill grays for lunch. the building is newer, cleaner and bigger than don and bob’s. they also have abbot’s custard on site, which we got at the end of the day at seabreeze

again, ryan started his comparison and ranking…not deterring from his original ranking from the day before.

on thursday, we had a quiet day at my in-laws house. ryan and i planned to go out to lunch without the kids. we were going for the trifecta…three burgers in three days.

now, if we were some hardcore food network person we would have eaten all three at one sitting, but we allowed our stomachs to settle.

for our lunch date we headed to shallers in irondequoit, near the house ryan grew up in.

atmosphere is almost as good as don and bob’s. the kicker is that they serve coca cola products. i am a coke fan. their ice is also like sonic or chick-fil-a ice. if you’ve been to sonic or chick-fil-a, you know what i mean.

so, ryan’s ranking, and i concur, is:

shallers: sauce is meaty. fries are crispy and crinkle cut. burgers actually taste like beef.

bill grays: sauce is not as meaty, but has a good kick. fries are crispy and crinkle cut. burgers are not charred.

don and bob’s: wins for atmosphere. fries were not steak fries and under cooked. burgers were over done.

are you from western upstate new york? have you ever been to one of these places? what are your thoughts?

summer 2015: 32/89

{july 12} home

fish bowls to clean {so cloudy that we couldn’t see the fish…they survived}.

unpacking {still need to unpack 3 out of 4 suitcases}.

garden to tend to {ryan took care of the front, i’m still working on the back}.

laundry {will get to it eventually}.

grocery shopping {meal planning and shopping done for the week}.

mail to sort {lots of mail}.

white slipcovers to wash black dog hair off of {somebody thought the playroom sofa was his bed while we were gone}.

vacuuming of floors {record hot temps cause dogs to shed}.

dog to brush {see above}.

normalcy to get back to {still working on it}.

home {feels good}.