{at the craft table} gobble, gobble

I always love a good craft.

Even better if it is quick and easy.

Our craft table always has something going on…either for me, the kids, or both of us.

I’m not even sure how it happened, but Lorelai and I were sitting at the craft table. I was working on cutting vests out of paper bags for her class Thanksgiving feast, and she said that she wanted to do a craft.

I looked over to our craft cart, which I regularly change out with craft supplies for the kids or myself.

I grabbed…

  • crayons
  • pad of scrapbook paper (I buy them on sale or with a Michael’s coupon)
  • glue stick
  • paper cutter and/or scissors

I had Lorelai choose a few different patterns of paper that I cut into strips.

I then cut some of the strips into little pieces.

Now, neither the strips or the little pieces need to be perfect…this is supposed to be quick and easy.

gobble, gobble 6

Then, I told Lorelai to hold tight while I made an example for her to follow.

Here is what I came up with…

gobble, gobble 1

I traced my hand, closed up the bottom, and added legs.

Then, I drew the beak and waddle.

You know the drill.

Then I just put a little glue on the strips and pieces of paper and started to glue them to the tail and body of the turkey.

I was done in less than two minutes.

Lorelai LOVED it!

gobble, gobble 3

gobble, gobble 2

gobble, gobble 4

gobble, gobble 5

This was something she could easily do BY HERSELF.

gobble, gobble 7

Reece even made a few, but had more fun drawing pictures of him shooting the turkey, or taking pictures of the turkey, etc.

Either way, the kids were being CREATIVE!

I put the scraps in a bowl on the table with some glue sticks nearby.

This way, if they want a craft to do they can make another turkey, or two.

home is…creating with my kids.

until then…

Hey y’all!

I’m here, but it’s just gonna be a day or two before I get back to regular posts.

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Mom and Dad, you can do it! What a fun way to retire…

home is…handmade.

dr. suess inspired vintage school map

I recently found a vintage school map of Asia.

I love the look of the map, but have no particular attachment to Asia, so I thought I would get crafty.

I found this font online and downloaded it to my computer.

I typed out the phrase I wanted to use and enlarged it to 650, so there was one letter for each page.

I chose some pretty paper from a new scrapbooking pad I got at Michaels and printed the letters.

What do you think?

home is…inspirational words.


Sorry I’ve been away for almost a week. I have sat down and wanted to write a post, but for many reasons I only get a few sentences in and then I stop.

I’m still sick.


I was sick before we left to go to Colorado for Thanksgiving.

Sick the entire week of Thanksgiving.

Sick when we got back.

And, I’m still sick.

Every time I feel like I’m feeling better I push a little bit too much and then I feel worse the next day (and the next and the next).

We got a new camera. A little point and shoot Nikon. I have used it to take most of my photos lately and I can’t figure out how to load them on to my computer. There is no USB cord in the box and my laptop doesn’t have a place to put a memory card. UGH!

I have photos of all our christmas decorating…lots of projects from Pinterest.

I have photos of a new breakfast hit at our house…and I want to share the recipe with you all!

Anyway, although I am still sick I am trying to deck our halls and make it fun for the kids this time of year.

I will admit they have watched a lot of this…

and, this…

and this…

Baby girl just asked me if she can watch a “Narnie Bown” show. I need to get her on video saying that…it’s adorable!

Well, gonna try to rest today.

The little guy is staying home from school, we’re gonna watch some “Narnie Bown”, maybe some Polar Express, and keep decking the halls.

I’m not gonna let being sick turn me into Scrooge!

home is…the most wonderful time of the year!

decking the halls

I’m not listening to Christmas music, yet.

That will come the day after Thanksgiving.

However, I am beginning to deck our halls.

I know. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

We’re going to visit family the week of Thanksgiving this year.

That is the week that I normally drag the bins down from the attic and get our Christmas on.

We usually go to cut our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorate it over the weekend.

It will be a little different this year.

We’ll be cutting a tree a week later, and recovering from a week of travel and family activity.

So, I want to have the house decorated so we can fully enjoy the Christmas spirit for as long as possible.

Anyway, I started working on a few of the decorations today.

I got this idea from Pinterest.

Source: rachelsimonsen.typepad.com via Stephany on Pinterest

And, I made lots and lots of paper garland to put on our tree.

I’ve got presents to make, family ornaments to make, and some other fun projects.

See why I could use a craft room?!

Remember that today is the last day to enter {my first} november blog giveaway!

And, stay tuned…you might find some of the above mentioned projects in the December giveaway.

home is…getting my craft on and decking the halls.

*today I am linking up with Today’s Creative Blog and Tatertots and Jello

green with envy

I dream of a place for all of my stuff where I could also have a place to work.

And, leave my mess behind a closed door.

I was able to transform the closet under our stairs into a place to store my craft stuff, but it also houses a bunch of craft stuff for the kids, and various other things.

I peruse Pinterest and countless blogs and am so jealous of the craft spaces that some of those women have.

Do you know what I would be able to accomplish with this?!

Source: theivycottageblog.blogspot.com via Stephany on Pinterest

I would absolutely LOVE this!

Source: sewmanyways.blogspot.com via Stephany on Pinterest

And, I would love do this with our dining room, but then we would’t have anyplace to eat as we do not have a breakfast nook in our kitchen!

Source: tatertotsandjello.com via Stephany on Pinterest

There’s nothing wrong with eating in front of the TV on fold out tray tables every night, right?!

I really still love the idea of a creative cottage out back…replacing the dog runs with a big old shed for all my stuff.

There is one more day to enter to win {my first} november blog giveaway!

And, I am already putting together {my second} giveaway for December…stay tuned!

home is…there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

batman vs. joker

The little guy LOVES Batman.

It all started when he got a huge tub of Matchbox cars from the boys next door. His favorite car, out of hundreds, was a Batmobile. I told him all about who drove the Batmobile and we slowly grew the obsession.

{I have to admit that Batman is my favorite superhero, too. I used to watch “Batman: The Animated Series” after high school in the 1990’s.}

One day this summer the little guy and I did a fun project while the baby girl was napping.

He bought a black and white checkerboard gameboard at a garage sale and kept wanting to play his “new game”. I kept telling him that it didn’t have game pieces and that we would need to make some.

So we did.

Here are the supplies we used:

I had all of these supplies on hand to make glass bead magnets for Christmas gifts when the little guy was a baby.

  • circle craft punch
  • flat glass marbles
  • magnetic sheeting
  • modge podge
  • scissors

I found images for Batman and the Joker online and resized them to fit the glass marble (about 1″ x 1″). I printed about 16 per 8-1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper and cut them out using the circle craft punch.

I also cut circles out of the magnetic sheeting.

I slathered one side of the magnetic sheeting with modge podge…

…placed the Joker or Batman logo on the magnetic sheeting…

…slathered the flat side of the flat marbles with more modge podge…

…and made a magnetic sheeting, logo, flat marble sandwich. I did this 14 times for Batman and 14 times for the Joker.

I placed all of them under a BIG, HEAVY book until the modge podge dried (the next morning).

After the arch enemies had a good nights rest under “The New Hunter’s Encyclopedia” I trimmed the magnetic sheeting that stuck out around the flattened marbles.

I also found a Batman vs. Joker image and modge podged it to the middle of the game board.

And, we play it like Checkers!

Of course, I am always the Joker.

And, the little guy is Batman.

home is…game time.

*today I am linking up with Today’s Creative Blog