home is essential

Living a healthy lifestyle is important to our family. Eating healthy foods and exercising are big parts of our routine. We are pretty careful about what we put into our bodies, meaning we eat organic, try not to eat too many processed foods, and stay away from too much alcohol and sugar.

Over the last 10 years I have been on and off of different antidepressant/anxiety medication. Although they have helped when I have needed them, I no longer want or feel the need to be putting the man made chemical concoctions into my body. So, I am tapering off of my medication with the guidance of my doctor and looking forward to moving forward without them!

home is essential

This decision, along with reading about essential oils all over the place, led me to give essential oils a try. Not only to help with the transition off of prescription medications, but also as a way to increase the health of our family and home as a whole.

In the last two months, I have almost completely depleted all of the oils that came in the premium starter kit that I ordered to become a young living wholesale member. I use them everyday in our home…that’s probably why they call them the “everyday oils”!

%22EVERYDAY v1.1

Do you see anything these oils could help you with everyday?!

This is just a short list of how i use ours…

  • I turn on the diffuser in our kitchen first thing every morning…using Purification, Thieves or Stress Away.
  • I use Frankincense and Lavender everyday in a face cream that I mixed up with some coconut oil.
  • Lemon (or grapefruit, which I ordered separately from my premium starter kit) goes into my water all day, everyday.
  • Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender are used together in a roll on for on the go seasonal allergy relief.
  • We call Valor our “brave” oil when the kids are feeling a little scared.
  • And, Joy goes on my heart every morning.


I also purchased the Thieves household cleaner when a friend asked if she could purchase some through me. I use it all over the house and love the fresh smell and knowing that chemicals are not cleaning our home.

Everyday-Oils-header{don’t those little bottles look so pretty all rainbowtized?!}

That being said, I just purchased a second premium starter kit to replenish our supply. It was a “no brainer” to me. Seriously, the $150 investment was totally worth it the first time…and now I will have a second diffuser!

I’m not saying that everybody who purchases a premium starter kit will need to buy a new one every two months. I shared a lot of the oils with friends, and experimented right away with all of the oils. I wanted to dive in head first and see how they would fit into our everyday lives.

What I AM saying is that I found found these little bottles if oil invaluable and didn’t want to wait to replace them one bottle at a time!


Do you want to learn more?

click here

To join:

  • go to the member sign up page
  • select wholesale member (not retail customer)
  • enter my member number in the sponsor and enrolled ID if it is not already there: 2365060
  • create your account, enter your personal information
  • select your starter kit (the premium starter kit, $150, is the best option)
  • welcome to the world of essential oils…it’s awesome.

YL_ID_2014_logo_fullcolor with member number

home is…essential.

*i am not a medical professional, and cannot treat, cure or diagnose you. always consult a doctor first. more than likely your doctor will not be trained in essential oils and will not know all the facts about them, so do your own research first. we are our own advocate.

why i pin a pillowcase up on the wall

in november we finally got around to painting our bedroom.

a long overdue home project.

we painted it the same white that we have been using throughout our home. it all started when i got the crazy itch to paint the walls in our kitchen, that then turned into the cabinets, that then turned into the hall, that then turned into the entry, playroom, and upstairs hall.

each time i painted, i also got crazy hives on my hands…a reaction i have had all my life when my body doesn’t get along with something well.

painful welts that itched and burned…on the palms of my hands, between my fingers and up and down my fingers! it hurt to do anything with my hands, and nothing would help except to not paint again.

i wore gloves, and i would still get hives.

needless to say, i wanted to get the bedroom painted as quickly as possible and be done with the paint.

once the room was done, we also got rid of our bulky headboard. so, our bed was (and is now) pushed up against the freshly painted wall.

well, all of my hives eventually settled down except for the pinky finger on my left hand and the ring and pinky finger on my right hand.

i thought it was bug bites.

i thought my skin was just dry from the cold dry december we were having.

i tried benadryl.

i tried steroid cream.

i tried antibiotic cream.

i tried extra moisturizer.

nothing worked.

this all started in november and lasted until sometime in january when i finally figured out.

one saturday morning my hands were hurting and i took some benadryl and went back up to bed.

i’m a stomach sleeper and put my arm under my pillow. when i did this, my hand touched the freshly painted wall.

my left pinky rubbed against the wall when i faced right and my right pinky and ring finger rubbed against the wall when i faced left.

exactly where my hives were.

the paint.

even the DRY paint was giving me the same hives that i got each time i painted a new room in our home.

the thing is, when we first moved into this house i made sure to use low-voc or no-voc paint. i cared about what we were breathing in…i didn’t want our babies breathing in toxic fumes.

8 years later, i just wanted to slap up paint that would stick…and be easy. so, i chose a paint with the primer…talk about lots of chemicals. {i’m not going to get into which paint, because i don’t even know WHAT chemical i react to}

it’s no wonder that my hands were reacting WHEN i was painting, but when i realized that it was still causing a reaction, just from contact, when it was DRY.


and, what about all the off-gasing that has been happening in our home for the last two years?!



so, now i pin a pillowcase up on the wall until we figure out our headboard situation.

the timing worked out great, and my young living premium starter kit showed up at the end of december. i have been diving into all of the uses for them…including detoxing our home.

i am back in the game as far as “green” interiors are concerned. thrifting, reuse, recycled and  sustainable materials are all back on the plate. and i will be sharing information about them here.

we don’t have a lot of control over things in this world, but we DO have control over what happens in our homes.

let’s keep them healthy.

i can’t wait to share more of this journey with you.

home is…taking control of the health of your home.

hippie at heart

when i first started this blog…actually, it was another blog, that turned into another blog, that turned into this blog, but i digress…

when i first started blogging it was because i missed my job in interior design and wanted to keep my feet in the world of design…particularly green design.

recently, my husband mentioned to my daughter that i was a hippie (he actually said that i am “37.5% hippie”). i responded to him that i have been thinking the same thing lately.

you see, i’ve always been a hippie at heart. born in boulder, colorado in 1975, it was bound to happen.

i went college in boulder in the 90’s and received a bachelors degree in environmental studies. it boggles my mind that some of the information that is FINALLY becoming mainstream (facts about GMOs, plastics, organic food, etc) are what we were studying 20 years ago in my classes, but it was considered extremist back then.

i ended up going back to school in 2000 to earn a degree in interior design. when i graduated in 2003 my final project was focused on residential green design.

at any rate, green design is in my hippie blood, and it’s here to stay.

i have some stories to share and some learning to do, so i’m going to do it here.

first, i am working on earning my Green Classroom Certificate. i spend a lot of time in my kids classrooms and would love to be a able to help educate the teachers and staff on how they can make the classrooms environmentally safe for our children.

second, i will be working on becoming a REGREEN Trained Professional. this is where i hope to focus my business in the future (when both kids are in school this fall). i am excited about this program and hope to share more information as i go through it.

third, i have recently become an independent distributor for young living essential oils. the chemicals in our environment and that we put into our body can wreak havoc on our health…mentally and physically. i hope to implement essential oils into every aspect of my daily life and share with you in the journey. if you are interested in more information please contact me at youngliving (at) stephanytaddeo (dot) com.

YLEOC - stephany taddeo

i am excited to get back to my roots…what i am passionate about. and, you can be sure there will be more creating and thrifting involved in this journey…both are integral parts of my green living.

home is…living green.

a bright and shiny new year

It really is bright and shiny.

The sunshine is streaming through (desperately in need of a cleaning) windows in our home.

Today, the ornaments will come off of the 2014 tree, I’ll go to my first yoga class of 2015, we’ll watch football, take the puppy for a walk, and enjoy one of our last few slow days together before the chaos of getting back to school and work on Monday.

I am looking forward to the gift of this bright and shiny new year.

What makes it different from each new day we are given?

The turning of a calendar page?

The change of a number?


I’m not sure.

What I do know, is that I wish the best for each of you who come here to visit my little online space in this big, big world.

home is…the same, but different.

first friday of fall

Just a bit of random for this first friday of fall…

their personalities

This photo captures their personalities perfectly…

  • she: little miss happy
  • he: mr. serious

their personalities


I leave the blinds open and the lights on in our front room a little past dark these days. I love looking in at the warm glow of houses.


in print

You can find  my Globe Pendant Light tutorial in the October 2014 issue of Old House Journal. {just click on the link or photo to see the online version}

in print

little guy & mommy day

We don’t get a ton of one-on- one time, so when he has a day off from school when baby girl is in school I try to make it extra special.


We visited the brand new Cabela’s store just a few miles from our house. Believe me, he was more excited than he looks in the photo…just a little overwhelmed by all the stuff to look at!


Then off to the farms.


We stopped for apples and pumpkins.


He is a super cool kid to be around…especially one-on-one. I am really having a fun time watching him grow up.

31 days

Next month I am joining a writing challenge that was started by The Nester. For 31 days I will write everyday about second hand, created, or thrifted items in our home…that you can create or find for your home, too!

{31 days} button

Join me beginning October 1st everyday through the month of October!

We’re headed to the local high school Homecoming Parade and Football game tonight. A little Friday Night Lights on this First Friday of Fall.

home is…some random fun on this first day of fall.

do you ever….

Dear God,

Make me a bird. So I can fly far. Far away from here.

-Jenny, Forrest Gump

Do you ever…

feel like that?

wish your marriage was stronger?

wish the sun shined brighter?

wish you were better at laundry?

wish you were a more positive person?

wish you could give more grace?

wish you had more time in the day?

wish you were valued in the way you deserve to be valued?

wish you were more organized?

wish you were kinder?

wish you were recognized for your talents?

wish you could share more?

wish you had a better relationship with your siblings?

wish you were more patient?

wish you had  a best friend to share with?

wish you could have more energy?

wish you could throw a better party?

wish you had time to read more?

wish you could follow your dreams?

wish you could take better care of you?

wish you weren’t such an introvert?

home is…i do.

an autumn chalkboard

fall chalkboard artwork 1

The chalkboard in our un-dining room has been bare since after the Fourth of July. It was time to get something on it!

fall chalkboard artwork 11

fall chalkboard artwork 12

fall chalkboard artwork 13

I sketch it out and then of back in and change the hand lettering to the style that I want.

fall chalkboard artwork 2

fall chalkboard artwork 3

Lorelai almost always wants to do the same thing on one of our smaller chalkboards. She gets frustrated that she can’t do things as well as me, but I am totally impressed with her artwork!

fall chalkboard artwork 9

fall chalkboard artwork 6

fall chalkboard artwork 5

fall chalkboard artwork 7

fall chalkboard artwork 13

fall chalkboard artwork 8

fall chalkboard artwork 10

home is…an autumn smile.

life is messy

Yesterday, I posted the following photo on Instagram with the caption about how I am changing up my cleaning routine and hoping to reduce the clutter that, at times, feels constant in our home .

instagram bedroom

Nice clean bedroom and bathroom, right?

A couple hours later, I posted the following photo with the caption, “oh, a clean house feels so good…”

instagram kitchen and family room

It does. A clean house feels great, however, my WHOLE house was not clean.

So, I posted a third photo just a bit later with the following caption: “in full disclosure, only *part* of the house is clean…the craft table, the office, and the kids rooms are total disasters. tackling the craft table this afternoon, the kids rooms next week (when they are at school), and the office is all @rctaddeo!”

instagram keeping it real

Keeping it real. Giving myself grace.

After that, I ran around the house and snapped the following photos with my phone before we rushed off to pick the little guy up from school.

life is messy 1

In reality, life is messy. Not messy everywhere all the time, but messy.

life is messy 2

Sometimes it’s just the floor.

life is messy 3

Or a table.

life is messy 4

Or, the one slipcovered cushion that got dirty right after you cleaned all of them.

life is messy 5

Sometimes, it’s the entire path that gets you where you need to go and you need to clean up one little mess at a time.

life is messy 6

Sometimes, those messes aren’t messes you made, but you need to clean them up anyway.

life is messy 7

Sometimes, you just shut the door to ignore the mess.

life is messy 8

Sometimes, you need an overview of the messes so you can figure out where to start.

life is messy 9

life is messy 10

life is messy 11

life is messy 12

life is messy 13

Some messes are best taken care of when other’s aren’t around to tell you how to clean it up.

life is messy 14

life is messy 15

life is messy 16

life is messy 17

life is messy 18

Other messes are ones that we might need some help with because we just don’t know how to handle them.

Whether it’s our house, or our life, it gets messy.

Messes can be overwhelming. They can stop us in our tracks. They can keep us from moving forward because we just don’t know which one to start cleaning up first.

Sometimes, I need to focus on the sparkly parts, so I can get motivated to work on the mess.

Just know that we all have messy parts…not just in our house, but in our life.

home is…giving yourself some grace.

eating a rainbow

this is not a foodie blog.


we like to eat.

we like to eat healthy.

we like to cook.

we like to try new things.

now that our summer has slowed down a bit, we are enjoying slow mornings, unplanned weekends, and finds in our garden and the local produce stands.

which leads to trying new recipes and, although the days are warm, time spent over a stove for canning of fresh produce.

first things first, we are trying to introduce our kids to more adventurous foods…meaning vegetables.

so, i tried feeding them a rainbow.

they love earning a treat, so they had to try every color to get ice cream.


i made sure to include some foods that i knew they would eat, but some that they would need to “try”.

it ended up that baby girl really loves avocado, and the little guy was willing to try everything on the plate.

so, i tried it again…


i knew baby girl would eat her newly “liked” avocado, so i added it to her plate along with the strawberries, carrots, mango, pineapple, broccoli, and blueberries (along with chicken nuggets) that she would eat.


the little guy, a little bit more set in his ways, received blackberries, which he requested, added to his plate.

once again, they did great eating some of each color and asking for seconds of their favorites.

another key was small portions. if there is just a couple of bites of each food on the plate it is not as intimidating…and they can always ask for more.

while i am not going to serve their dinner like this every night, it is a fun way to get them to try new foods.

i’ll be back soon with a garden tour, and some of the canning recipes i have tried!

home is…ROY G BIV!