summer 2015: 85/89

yesterday was school supply drop off and the kids finally found out who their teachers will be for the year!

they are so excited about being at the same school together.

i am pretty excited about it, too!

at any rate, yesterday made the end of summer and beginning of school just that more real for me.

back to school 1

so i took down our summer list, and put up a little back to school vignette.

now i feel like i need to have a back to school party for the kids!

back to school 7

back to school 8

back to school 6

back to school 9

back to school 10

earlier this summer i picked up some signs from the target dollar spot. they look like street signs, but are for the classroom.

back to school 2

i added a vintage flash card {and a couple other vintage cards} with a note on it saying:

back to school 3

back to school 4

{the kids gave their teachers different signs, but i forgot to take photos of them before we went to the school yesterday.}

it was a great way to “break the ice” with new teachers!

the little guy lucked out, and knows his teacher because she taught first grade last year. we are thrilled that she will be his teacher this year.

baby girl has a teacher who is new to the school, but she was so welcoming and friendly i know it will be a good fit.

i am really looking forward to teaching art literature in both classes, and volunteering whenever the teachers may need my help!

back to school 5

before school starts we have a great weekend planned.

a running race for a great cause.

ryan’s birthday.

a holiday weekend…maybe a back to school party…or an outdoor movie?!

and, on the little guy’s first day of school we will also celebrate baby girl’s birthday!

good times.

summer 2015: 82/89

tomorrow is the first day of fall…in meteorological terms.

back in the day, meteorologists split the calendar up by months to distinguish the seasons.

meteorological summer is june, july, august.

meteorological autumn is september, october, november.

kind of logical, huh?

cooler temperatures are finally here in the pacific northwest after out hottest meteorological summer on record!

yesterday, i spent a lot of the day cleaning up the backyard from the windstorm that hit over the weekend. i also trimmed back my hanging baskets and would like to add some pansies and other flowers/plants that might make it through the winter.


i cleaned off the outdoor chalkboard to get it ready for our annual first day of school photos which will happen in one week!

i am also preparing lists of all the projects that i have put off and really need to get done once both kids go back to school. i am sure i will find plenty of ways to fill my days without them!

although, it gets me a bit choked up knowing that i will be alone for almost 6 hours everyday for the first time in over eight years. i have had at least one sidekick with me everyday since july 2007!

the other day i told baby girl that i would miss her when she was at school. she looked at me funny and said, “But you’ll have Oddy and Rainy!”

she is super excited to start kindergarten at the same school as her brother. when i asked her what she is most excited about she said, “Making new friends!”

her brother, on the other hand, is not thrilled about going back to school, but i know he will be once he sees all his friends!

we have school supply drop off ton wednesday. we will also finally find out who they have for teachers. woo-hoo!

summer 2015: 61/89

i had a strange dream last night.

i dreamt about the time that i walked in on a burglary in progress at our home in denver.

only this time the kids were with me and ben wasn’t there to keep me from walking in the door.

i woke up right when i opened the door.

i have no idea what it means. dreams are weird.

the little guy went to a park our camp today.

it’s a “survivor camp”, so they break into tribes and have to finish challenges. he earned all 4 of the wristbands he needed and won!

he ate these…

larvetsseriously, he jumps off cliffs and eats bugs. he’s all boy.

just as he is all boy, she is all girl.

{august 10} manipedi

she requested a manicure and pedicure while the little guy was at camp. she even talked me into getting a manicure {which i usually don’t do}.

i also made the time to get my training run in at our health club.

3 hard miles on the  treadmill.

i am so much happier running outside with my running partner {grand river odyssey}, but when i need to get miles in the treadmill works out great.




summer 2105: 55/89

in the middle of spring i am usually ready for summer, by august  i am ready for fall, i am always hoping for some snow come december, and when february rolls around i am ready for the rain to stop.

thank goodness i live where the seasons change!

i am getting the itch to fluff the nest around here, but not sure where to start.

i picture vintage thermos’, picnic baskets, afghans and plaid wool blankets mixed with some more modern pieces and pops of color.


i need to get the house cleaned up before i can even think about changing things up.

today was totally lazy.

other than going to yoga, cleaning up the kitchen and doing a few other chores, the kids and i snuggled and relaxed.


summer 2015: 53/89


it feels good to be home, but i also miss the lake.

it is my favorite vacation of the summer.

this year was extra special because we were able to stay at my uncle’s beautiful lake house. my grandfather, and other uncles were unable to join us for the week, so my uncle buzz was the only one at the house, and he asked us to stay there instead of the house we had rented.

it made it so nice to wake up and be able to start playing whenever we wanted to.

the kids have had incredible experiences this summer with our extended family.



great grandparents.



great uncles.

great aunts.

second cousins.

life is all about experiences…and family.

so, on this slow sunday morning, we are getting back to normal.

we spent 22 of the last 32 days away from home.

there is a lot to catch up on around the house…and here on the blog.

i will be backdating my daily posts from the lake in the next few days…it was hard to keep up with all the fun we were having!

we still have over a month of summer left and more to be crossed of of our summer list, too!

summer 2015: 45/89

a rainstorm woke me up somewhere after 3 am.

baby girl also woke up and we snuggled until she fell back to sleep.

by 4 am i figured that sunrise was in just one hour and that i should probably just stay up and watch my first sunrise from sunrise bay.

{july 25} sunrise

{july 25} eagle 2

{july 25} eagle

{july 25} eagle 3

so, here is sit, watching the bats catch their last bites of food before heading to sleep and listening to the eagles wake up to start their hunts for the day.

we drove down to bayview so my mom and uncle could bring the sailboat up to the house.

after we got back to the house and went for a swim we took a boat down to see how they were doing.

{july 25} sailing 2

{july 25} sailing 3

{july 25} sailing 4so fun to see them sailing.

{july 25} sailing 5

{july 25} sailing 6

{july 25} sailing 7

{july 25} sailing 8

{july 25} sailing 9

{july 25} sailing 10

{july 25} sailing 11our ride back to the house was RAINY…quite and adventure.

they followed just 20 minutes behind.

it continued to rain.

so, we hunkered down and just relaxed for the evening.