a blog inspired by real life

way back when i started blogging…

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, interior designer, creator, perpetual student of life, procrastinator, dreamer, want-to-be photographer, and {most recently} a treasure hunter.

I write about it all (and more) here on my blog, “home is…what you make it”.

I started blogging as an outlet when I became a stay at home mom to my little guy in 2008.

I made the hardest decision in my life (and the best) to leave a job I loved and stay at home with him full-time when he was 9 months old (until that time I had worked part-time from home or bringing him to the office with me…yeah, I had an awesome boss).

I was starving to still be connected to the world of interior design.

So, I started a blog.


this is us four and a half years later…

Then, I started another blog to keep family updated on our adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

Eventually, I decided to merge the two as I found that there was beginning to be some overlap.

Now, I write about the adventures of our family of four (we had our second…a little girl…in 2009), my projects, crafts, and anything else I feel like writing about.

I started blogging for myself, then eventually for my kids, and now I find it fun when I inspire others with what I write here.

In the end, I write about what makes our home a home because {of course} home is…what you make it!

Real life, yours and mine, is my inspiration!