{home is essential} give yourself the gift of wellness

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. i love to cook the meal, watch football, and  enjoy time with family and friends.

this year i am thankful, once again, for young living essential oils and what they do for our family. i am hoping that some of you will decide to give yourselves the gift of wellness this holiday season and want to say thank you to new members who sign up for a premium starter kit with me.

when you sign up to become a young living member with a premium starter kit between now and friday, november 17th at midnight (pacific time) i will send you a $25 amazon gift card that you can use to help give a gift to somebody on your holiday list!

start the season of giving by giving your family the gift of toxin free wellness.

what you’ll get from Young Living: 11 of the best quality, most versatile oils available, a diffuser of your choice, a bunch of extra samples, and a membership that gives you a 24% discount with no pressure attached (think Costco!)

what you’ll get from me: a reference book (because it’s so helpful to be able to learn how to use your oils and have a resource to look things up), the best education and oils community on facebook, oodles of classes if you are interested, a $25 Amazon Gift card, and ME…as your personal cheerleader, ready to teach you how to be successful in your wellness journey!

this deal will only be good until friday, november 17th at midnight (pacific time) so if you want to take advantage of it go here to give yourself the gift of toxin free wellness!



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