{our home} restyling

Thanks for your input on the rug…I promise to let you know which one I choose with a post here soon!

In the meantime I have been getting the house put back together…

restyling 1

Of course, it takes me longer than the “normal” person because I have to “restyle” everything as I put it away…in the kitchen.

restyling 3

Or, I decide to run to Target because our laundry room, which never had a rug, needs a cheery aqua rug!

restyling 4

Of course, trying to keep the kids entertained makes lots of new messes as we go along!

restyling 2

Ben needed a new rug by the back door so it wasn’t too slippery for his old legs (yeah, i need to clean the glass, too).

restyling 5

And, yeah, we needed a little back to school countdown decoration in the un-dining room.

So, you can see, it just takes me a bit longer to get things back to normal. We’re getting there…one mess at a time!

home is…always changing things up.

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