pinning for love

This morning I’ve been pinning ideas for valentine’s day crafts and homemade valentines for the kids to give to their friends.

I am not sure what we will end up going with this year, but I thought I would share the ideas we used the last two years…


wild thing 10{click on the photo for the original post}



color my world 8{click on the photo for the original post}

You can also visit my valentines day pinterest board for more no candy valentines ideas.

home is…getting the creative juices flowing.

right now

i’ve been in a blogging rut lately. i want to write, but just don’t know what to write about.

meg, over at WHATEVER, posted a list she found on pinterest with writing prompts.

i liked it and am borrowing it.


readingyou’re made for a god sized dream by holley gerth. {i just finished her book you’re already amazing}

playing…xbox. the kids, not me. when they are playing well together i love to listen to their conversations. 

watching…downton abbey. i record it and watch it when the kids are at school.

trying…to stay on top of the housework, but it’s hard. especially with a puppy who likes to get into the bathroom trash cans, the kids toys, and still isn’t fully potty trained.

cookinghomemade granola. you can find the recipe i use here.

eating…about to eat that granola in some greek yogurt with banana.

drinking…water. more water. trying to drink more water.

calling…i called my dad this morning to wish him a happy birthday!

texting…the last texts that i sent and received were about the NCAA national championship football game last night.

pinning…information about bullet journaling. i’m a list maker and a notebook carrier. you can learn more about it on my bullet journaling pinterest board.

tweeting…nothing. i have an account, but rarely use it…i just don’t have time for tweets and reading all of them.

crafting…an idea. nothing tangible…yet. a lot of “mind crafting” and list making.

doing…nothing with my hair. no dyeing. no drying. no straightening. no cutting.

going…to pick the little guy up from school after i eat my yogurt and granola.

loving…my nose piercing!


hating…cleaning the litter box. always. but, i’m the only one who does it, so…

discovering…that my one little word for the year is LOVE.

enjoying…exercise. i have added some new classes and changed up my routine a bit and it feels good!

hoping…to learn to use my new camera. like, use it manually. i got the nikon d7000 for christmas and i am a bit {a lot} intimidated by it!

celebrating…well, i wish i was celebrating a denver broncos or oregon ducks win, but i’m not because they didn’t. so, just celebrating that we still have playoff football this weekend! i love football.

smellingthieves essential oil being diffused through our new home diffuser. i just started using essential oils from young living and i LOVE them!

thanking…mother nature for a beautiful sunny january day in the pacific northwest. it’s cold {relatively speaking}, but it’s sunny.

considering…running a half marathon this year, but i don’t like running for more than an hour…that might be a problem.

finishing…putting the very last of the christmas decorations away. the shiny brites go up first and come down last. i am finally putting the wreaths that i made from them back in the attic.

starting…to feel a cold coming on…scratchy throat, runny nose. what do you use to fight off the cold or flu? oils? sleep? nyquil? any good home remedies? please share!

home is…sometimes using writing prompts.

a bright and shiny new year

It really is bright and shiny.

The sunshine is streaming through (desperately in need of a cleaning) windows in our home.

Today, the ornaments will come off of the 2014 tree, I’ll go to my first yoga class of 2015, we’ll watch football, take the puppy for a walk, and enjoy one of our last few slow days together before the chaos of getting back to school and work on Monday.

I am looking forward to the gift of this bright and shiny new year.

What makes it different from each new day we are given?

The turning of a calendar page?

The change of a number?


I’m not sure.

What I do know, is that I wish the best for each of you who come here to visit my little online space in this big, big world.

home is…the same, but different.

signing off for 2014

merry and bright 2014

Thank you for visiting my little space here in 2014. Will be back in the new year!

home is…merry christmas, happy hanukkah, and all the rest!

{christmas collections} blow molds

it takes time for the christmas to come out and get organized.

lots of stuff to move around.

the last few years i have started to collect vintage blow molds.

it started with a small snowman and a santa…



last year, i added another santa…


today, i found this…


and, these…


it’s beginning to look a lot like, well, christmas.

home is…christmas collections {more to come}.

the perfect mason jar tumbler…and a coupon code

If you know me in real life you have probably seen me carrying around one of these…


My friend, Erin, {@tweetpotatopie on IG…go follow her feed…it’s gorgeous and she is so creative} has created the perfect vintage mason jar tumblers complete with glass straws and lids.

These are NOT the reproduction mason jars…they are the real vintage jars!

Her etsy shop is now FULL of tumblers perfect for holiday gift giving. Think hostess gift, teachers gift, or a gift for yourself!


For this new batch she has teamed up with the mason bar company who is now supplying the lids!


She has even added gorgeous hand-decorated burlap bags perfect to use for your gift giving.


And, even better?! She has given me a coupon code to share with YOU! Use the code “stephanylove15″ to get 15% off your order of $10 or more!

Go, now. Shop. Give handmade. And, buy one for yourself, you won’t regret it!

homeis…using stephanylove15 at to save 15% on your order of $10 or more.

rain and sunshine

It takes both rain and sunshine…

reece rain and lorelai

to make a rainbow.

Meet Grand River Hoji Rainbow, our new black lab puppy! We call her Rain, Rainy, or Sweet Girl…as Lorelai likes to call her.

This was her very first adventure with us…cutting down our Christmas tree!

She came from the litter of tiny puppies that the kids got to hold in October when we visited Idaho.

You’ll be seeing lots more of her.

home is…plenty of rain and sunshine to make rainbows.


i find it hard to fit in

I always have.

Here I am, working towards my fortieth birthday, and I still find myself trying to fit in.

Like going to the party in high school because you know all the “cool kids” will be there.

Not knowing what to say.

Not knowing how to act.

Hoping you can just fit in.

I never did.

Oh, I could hang for a little while, but eventually I did something to screw it up.

I never got too close, knowing it probably wouldn’t end well.

I still like to go to the party and try to fit in.

It’s still so uncomfortable.

And, not only is the party “in real life”,  the party is online…





There’s a party every minute of every day.

And, I still don’t know where I fit in.

Oh, I can hang for a little while…

i just don’t get too close…

because it probably won’t end well.

But, I keep trying to fit in…

home is…like groundhog day.

well, hello there november

so, i AM going to finish up the 31 days of secondhand, created and thrifted…i promise.

blogging everyday is serious stuff.

not to mention, a trip to great wolf lodge, a visit from ryan’s mom, the making of costumes, a sinus infection and double ear infection, and celebrating halloween slowed me down a bit.




the good news…now i can throw in some christmas stuff and not feel like everybody will say, “it’s not even halloween yet!”

at any rate, i’m here to blog…not everyday, but i’m here!

the little guy has a couple of days off and today we went to Schoolhouse Electric while his sister was at school.

i am on a lighting kick in our house…changing it up…making it fun.


i have found a couple of cool older fixtures and one needed a special “shade”…i knew Schoolhouse would have it!

then, we came home and cleaned his room…together! it was a mess. so glad that task is done.

we also had our family photos taken last week…Pfaus Photography continues to provide perfect photos for us. check her out if you are local…her mini sessions are perfect for a family with small kids…quick and always in a perfect setting!





oregon offers the most perfect backdrops for family photos!

home is…hello there, november.


{31 days} fall for afghans

{31 days} header



There is nothing better than to snuggle under a soft afghan when the rain (or snow) is falling outside.


Or, to curl up under one around the backyard firepit.


Or, to layer another one on top of the bed for those extra cool nights.


I have knitted and crocheted blankets over the years…it’s time consuming.


A definite labor of love.


When I come across these beautiful works of art for $4.99 at the thrift stores I cannot pass them up.


That striped one was the first afghan I ever thrifted.


The “one big granny” square above was found on “black friday” two years ago. The only store you will find me in on Black Friday is a thrift store!


This gorgeous afghan is made to fit on a twin sized bed…208 squares…that’s an enormous amount of love.

home is…{31 days} thrifted afghans are perfect for fall.

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