one year goes so fast

I have a new “go to” baby shower gift.

That would imply that I had an old “go to” baby shower gift, but I didn’t.



I made a set of 12 onesies. One for each month of the baby’s first year of life.


The set in the photos was, obviously, made for a baby girl.


I used vintage sheets for the numbers and ironed them on using fusible web.

{For the other set, which was for a boy and is not pictured, I had enough time to stitch around each number with contrasting thread.}



Then we put them in a box and wrapped them up all nice and pretty.


home is… a handmade gift.



not on the “to do” list

Yesterday, I wrote out a “to do” list. Something I used to do on a daily basis. Always a notebook with my to do’s…somewhere along the line I got frustrated with all of the things I was not able to cross off the list because I got sidetracked, or the kids needed me, or I just put too much on my list.

My list was short…

  • run
  • shower
  • grocery store
  • car wash
  • vacuum car

I had 3-1/2 hours to accomplish everything on my list while both kids were in school.

As I dropped down the hill into the park near the river, I saw two bald eagles fly overhead.

Minutes later, a great blue heron.

Song birds were chirping and flitting through the woods.

I rounded the corner along the river and a hummingbird dive bombed me on the way to bright pink blossoms on a shrub along the trail.

Before the railroad tracks, I slowed down to look in the pond where many ducks and geese hang out in the winter. There was another great blue heron…fishing.

I crossed the bridge and ran by the fenced dog park. Happy dogs were barking for their owners to throw the ball one more time.

I looped back through the forest path along the river. I had it all to myself.

I crossed back over the river, then under the train tracks to peek at the great blue heron again. Still fishing.

Around the corner I ran into one of my friends from our Friday playgroup. This was the second day in a row that I had unintentionally run into one of me sweet friends.

I finished the run through the park and headed up the hill back to the road. As I approached the warehouse buildings past the water treatment plant, I looked up at the cell phone tower to see one of the Osprey guarding their nest. I saw them working on it over the weekend. Suddenly, it flew down into the nest…and I noticed another Osprey fly by.

I walked to the intersection and pushed the button for the walk signal. Right before I was going to cross I took a look back at the cell phone tower as one of the birds took off. It flew away and then up into the sky. Two bald eagles followed. And, there was another pair of Osprey in the sky,

I walked back to the soccer field behind me and sat on a bench. Watching in awe. The five birds soared through the air.

Higher and higher.

It was like a magical dance.

They were calling and swirling.

The two bald eagles eventually flew to the west.

The pair of Osprey eventually flew to the east.

The single Osprey that flew out of the nest flew back to the cell phone tower.

I’m never going to be the fastest runner.

I’m never going to run a marathon…probably not even a half marathon.

I am going to remember that run.


I got through the first three things on my list.

I still need to get my car washed and vacuum the kettle corn off the floor from our ride home from the tulip farm.



I watched baby girl play at her school playground in her princess dress with her friends.

I walked the little guy’s bike to his school so he could ride it home yesterday afternoon with me and baby girl.

I prepared dinner in advance so we could eat together at the dinner table…for the second night in a row!


Those things were NOT on my “to do” list, but were important parts of my day.


I haven’t written a “to do” list for today, but this morning I walked the little guy to school.

He saw two snails.

Baby girl and I walked home…SLOWLY.

We saw a great blue heron.


Those were important parts of my day.


Sometimes, the things that are most important to get done are not on a “to do” list.


home is…the things that are not on a “to do” list.






time to catch up

It’s time to catch up a bit, don’t you think?

spring 22


City map


There was an earthquake here last night…and we slept through it.

I guess a lot of people in our area felt it. So crazy.

{second}spring break

The day after we went skiing we drove 90 minutes from home in the opposite direction…

spring 1

We stopped at Camp 18 for breakfast.

spring 2

Then we hit Cannon Beach.

spring 3

It’s been YEARS since we had been to the coast. Ridiculous, right?

spring 4

It’s only 90 minutes away!

spring 5

Lorelai was really too young to remember the last time we were at the coast.

spring 6

She loved it!

spring 7

We spent less than an hour on the beach, but the trip was well worth it. I love that we were skiing on Mt. Hood one day and running from the waves the next. So blessed to call Oregon home.

{third}at home

spring 8

The tulips are in full bloom in our front yard. I am pretty sure that I want to add a bunch more colors for next year. I just love tulips.

spring 9

We are starting to spend a lot more time outside. It’s awesome.

spring 21

We started seeds for our vegetable garden. Giving it a try this year instead of buying already started plants. The kids love squirting the dirt with the water bottle each day. I am hoping we will see green sprouts sometime this week!

spring 23

Speaking of green, there’s a lot of it sprouting all around the neighborhood. The grass in the backyard needs a little help (always a battle with the shade, the acidic soil from all the pine needles, and the dogs and kids on the grass in the muddy winter). The white on the ground is wild cherry blossom petals that snow down from a huge wild cherry tree in our neighbors yard.

{fourth}out and about

spring 10

We took Ben for a walk at the dog park near our house yesterday.

spring 11

The trillium are blooming throughout the forest floor.

spring 12

spring 13

spring 14

spring 15

spring 16

The kids love exploring and I can’t wait to more of this with them over the summer!

spring 17

spring 18

spring 20

spring 19


Yesterday evening was beautiful. We should have been upstairs doing a bath and a shower, but we played outside for a while longer.

spring 24

They are so silly together. They really bonded over Spring Break. It’s pretty amazing to watch them together. They have their moments of nastiness, but they really are great friends. I am so thankful that they have eachother.

It’s supposed to be mostly sunny and 73 degrees today, so I’m planning to take the little guy out of school early so the three of us can go on an adventure.

home is…spring in the beautiful pacific northwest.




another one for my “best days ever” list

I have been smiling from ear to ear since early today.

My baby girl officially went skiing today.

Remember this day?

skiing 15
Yeah, today also goes on the “one of my best days ever” list.

skiing 14

We had to make sure that her ski pants were pink.

skiing 13

She wore a skirt until we were actually skiing.

She put a skirt on as soon as she was done.

To be honest, I almost didn’t go.

Seasonal allergies, and an “introvert overload” almost kept me home (more on that later), but Ryan pushed me and I am glad that he did.

{Not to mention I felt super cool in my new Patagonia ski pants with my Patagonia orange belt…my first new ski pants in about 20 years! Darn you Patagonia for making ski pants that last so long…I’ve had 3 pairs in 25 years…all Patagonia…and I outgrow them…they don’t wear out!}

We had a blast!

skiing 9

skiing 8Look at how her pink reflects in the tunnel!

skiing 7


skiing 6

skiing 5


She requested to ski with Poppa after only a couple of runs with Mommy!

skiing 4

And, our “old pro”?!

skiing 12

skiing 11

skiing 10

He’s now using the Go Pro!

skiing 3

skiing 2

skiing 1


He took a trip up the real chair lift…twice…with Poppa!

We’re thinking he’s ready to learn from a “real” ski instructor next time!

For those of you who might ask…

We ski at Mt. Hood Meadows up on (of course) Mt. Hood.

We buy the season pass for the kids which is $25 for the whole mountain…all season.

We buy a Spring Pass for us (which is $139 now, but we pre-purchased for $119). The Sprig Pass works out since we usually only ski during the spring…to break even we only need to ski 2-3 times…and the season can quite frequently go well into April and even weekends in May!

Currently, we rent skis from the shop at Mt. Hood Meadows, but we are looking into buying used demo/rental skis for the kids at the end of the season. It’s $70 a day to rent skis for the kids (WHOA!), so I am sure we could save A LOT of money buy either buying used skis or renting for the entire season.

We rent a locker for $10 a day and bring snacks and water. We are usually done by lunchtime, but as the days get nicer we plan to pack lunch, hot chocolate, and eat in the sun!

There’s a lot of snow up there and it was coming down today, so come join us for some spring fun on the mountain!!

home is…family fun on mt. hood.




{field trip} diverted

I completely diverted from my plan this morning and took a field trip downtown.

I made a stop at Goodwill and found some vintage Fisher Price that I don’t have in my collection.

After that, I stopped at Grand Marketplace.

I love strolling through this place looking for treasures and inspiration. Often, I see items that I already have displayed in ways I have never thought of. And, personally, I love seeing the prices that are being asked for things that I have snatched up for bargains while thrifting!

The item I added to my wish list today was this set of wood and metal theater chairs…

field trip 1

I know I can find a spot for them…somewhere!

After that, I kind of ambled my way back towards the highway and got sidetracked by pennant banners stretching across a street…so I stopped.

I wandered.

I found treasures.

My background in office design came pouring back into my mind.

I will go back.

I want this…

field trip 2

and this…

field trip 3

I know. Crazy. BUT, if you take off the pad that is normally used for patients to lay on to be examined and put on a pallet wood or butcher block top…totally cool table!!!

There was an amazing amount of retro office desks…that were all sold. It made me wonder what catalog I might see them in soon…with astronomical prices. Goodness, they were gorgeous. No room in my house, though!

Oh, and walking around the basements of the old buildings with the old furniture…so cool. I love exploring old places and seeing old stuff.

home is…taking a field trip.