summer 2015: 20/89

pdxwe were up at 3:30 am to get to the airport for a 7:00 am flight.

in the airafter a short delay we were on our way!

on the planethe trip was so smooth and easy compared to the last time we flew with the kids. it’s amazing what a big difference two years can make. they really do grow up fast.

in rochesteralmost exactly two years ago they sat on this same bench.

we made it to new york!


summer 2015: 19/89


some friends in the neighborhood brought these adorable balloons for the kids last night. thank you, brandi, elle, and ava…the kids LOVE them!

most of today was spent packing, covering last minute details, and getting things organized for our house sitter before we head across the country tomorrow morning.

now i just want to get this show on the road!

the home team

i wrote this post a little over a year ago and never hit publish.

today, i decided to hit publish on it.

i don’t have to single parent for the long haul very often anymore.

in ryan’s current job he only has long stretches of travel once or twice a year.

i am so thankful for that.


in hindsight…

maybe, during those really, really tough times when the kids were really little and  i was sending ryan nasty text and voicemail messages about how hard it was to be home alone with young kids and how tired and frustrated i was while he traveled for work, i should have thanked him for working his ass off to take care of our family so i could be home to take care of our kids.

and, maybe, i should have asked for help.

no, maybe, i should have screamed for help.

but i didn’t.

i struggled through it.

WE struggled through it.

it’s the curse of the competent…

you don’t ask for help {and write a blog that focuses on the good things in our life} and people don;t think you need it.

of course, family would be there for you if you lived closer, but you don’t, so they don’t see how hard it is.

so, you struggle through, and try to focus on the positive, so you can get through another day.

i’m thankful i made it through the really, really tough times.

i’m thankful WE made it through the really, really tough times.

i’m thankful i can be home to raise my kids.

i’m thankful that ryan works damn hard so that i can be here with them everyday.

i’m also thankful that the long trips are few and far between.

truthfully, i don’t need the help these days.

i did, but i don’t now.

and, you know what, even when i needed the help, i still did it myself.

WE did it.

our family is stronger for that.

thank you, ryan, for working your ass off.

WE do this together…no matter how hard it is.

home is…your home team.

summer 2015: 17/89

thank goodness for good neighbors!

ryan was cooking some pork on the traeger overnight. he brought it in to add some spices this morning and put it back out on the grill.  i think he added pellets, too.

all of the sudden i heard him on the phone, and he was going back out to the backyard. our neighbor {and friend} had been driving by and noticed lots of smoke…she called him to check if it was our traeger.

yes, it was, but it was on fire!!!

thank goodness brittany called. and,thank goodness we were awake and it didn’t happen in the middle of the night.

summer 2015: 16/89

the kids have been arguing a lot the last couple of days.

we have been somewhat cooped up inside while i try to get things done at the house, which has ended up in extra screen time. which ends up in poor attitudes when screen time ends. boo.


Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 8.11.45 AM

need to find my inner peace today.

i found it!

this morning i told the kids they needed to wait until 10:00 for screen time…no matter what.

they knew what time they were allowed to get on the ps4, and they found other things to do until then!


so, i snuck outside for some quiet time…

quiet time 2

a little {quiet} chalkboard art creativity was just what i needed to recharge. {i think i am going to color the light bulbs in yellow}

quiet time

we are planning an outdoor movie for this weekend. ryan and i narrowed the movies down to three and then asked the kids, separately, what their choice would be in order of preference. they both chose the same movie!

this afternoon ryan had a conference call he had to be on, so i snuck out to get some errands done. another much needed {quiet} break with the bonus of getting things check off my “to do” list.

i got almost all of the errands done. i even was steps away from finishing them, but there was a loud fundraising event going on at the last store i needed to go to, so i turned around and drove home. no need to spoil my “inner peace” to check one more thing off the list. i can sneak back over there sometime this weekend, or even go with the kid on monday!

so we are hiding out in the AC {thank goodness} while it is 93 degrees in the shade outside the kitchen window!

seriously, this heat is crazy! and, it’s just supposed to continue into next week and the holiday weekend.


this guy is enjoying his time as the “only dog”, but i know he will miss us when we are traveling. i am sure that our house sitter will take good care of the pets, just like rainy is being taken care of in idaho, but they are my babies, too!

the heat is supposed to be even worse in idaho, where rainy is, so i am sure she will be doing lots of swimming in the rivers up there!

summer 2015: 15/89

today is supposed to be the first day of some really HOT weather here in the pacific northwest.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 9.30.30 AM

the weather has been weird this year. i’m not complaining, but we didn’t get rain like we usually do in may and june.

in fact, i’m pretty sure that colorado and oregon switched their weather patterns this year. i’m hoping they will give our weather back to us soon…i’m sure they would appreciate their hot and dry instead of our cool and wet, too!

going to try to check things off my list again today.

  • planning for a party
    • shopping
    • cleaning
  • getting ready for our first big trip of the summer
    • last minute errands
    • laundry
    • packing
    • house sitter lists

the kids already finished their summer learning for the morning. they both have done the required 3 packets for the week already, so i let them just do a couple of easier worksheets.

baby girl wants to learn to read and one of her workbooks had mini books at the back, so we cut those out for her to carry around with her and practice the words.

the little guy thinks his packets are too hard. they aren’t. he’s just not hugely motivated on his own. i don’t push. he’s smart. i want learning to be fun, not work. i may need to get a bit creative with him.